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At LTG Capital, we know about finances and market history. We know which investments work for long-term capital appreciation and which don’t.

We believe in evolutionary psychology and behavioral investment counseling.

Why is this important to you?

We know that when it comes to your finances, 99% of people will do the wrong things, for the wrong reasons, at the wrong times – but the good news is that we can help prevent these mistakes.


We will work with you to determine a course of action for your finances that helps you reach your goals through our simple checklist-driven process. We will help you get your financial house in order and keep financial “surprises” to a minimum.


Focus Areas

At LTG Capital, we focus on the following areas to make sure your financial house stays in order.

Goal Planning


Create a thoughtful plan for financing college, retirement, and other major expenses. When you see the future clearly and have a plan that moves you continually toward your goals, life becomes more satisfying and full of hopeful anticipation.

Investment Management

Deploy your assets to give you the highest probability of achieving your goals.  

Investment Management_LTG_Capital.png

Financial Education

Help you control your finances rather than the other way around. Instill in your children, grandchildren and/or other heirs the simple habits that lead to financial success so they don't make the same mistakes most people make when young.

Financial Education_LTG_Capital.png

Debt Elimination

Develop a plan to eliminate debt. Carrying debt is contrary to wealth and can increase financial risk and stress at home.


Debt Elimination_LTG_Capital.png

Tax Planning

Minimize taxes and financial surprises. Nobody likes that!

Tax Planning_LTG_Capital.png

Retirement Income Planning


Develop a plan so that you do not run out of money when you may need it most.



Retirement Income Planning_LTG_Capital.png

Cash Management

Determine appropriate levels of cash for savings and emergency cash reserves so as to prepare for the inevitable rainy day. Having cash reserves also provides the option to take advantage of investment opportunities as the financial landscape shifts along the way.

Cash Management_LTG_Capital.png

Risk Management

Determine the different types and amounts of insurance coverage needed or levels of risks to take while minimizing expenses.


Risk Management_LTG_Capital.png

Estate Planning

Make your personal wishes explicit and ensure your family and affairs are taken care of should you become incapacitated or absent life.

Estate planning_LTG_Capital.png

Small Business Pension Planning

Maximize pension savings for you and your employees. We will provide investment education and real advice for employees. Helping employees realize the value of the benefit you’re providing creates goodwill.

Pension Planning_LTG_Capital.png
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