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Meet Our Team.

LTG Capital is an SEC registered Investment Advisor and wealth management firm. All Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) become designated fiduciaries for their clients. This means that the RIA will always put your interests above their own.

At LTG Capital, we do not accept commissions or third-party compensation of any sort. We are not beholden to any type of big Wall Street firm or corporation.

LTG Capital is privately-owned and operated by a dedicated group of professionals who have sworn to work on a commission-free basis and focus entirely on the service and results their clients should rightfully expect.


Ariel Acuña

Portfolio Manager and
Financial Advisor 

LTG founder and President Ariel Acuña helps clients get their entire financial house in order so that they have time and peace of mind to focus on the important things in life. 

Ariel enjoys Tae Kwon Do, working with non-profits, a little travel, and ample time with family.

Professional education:

  • MBA, Amos Tuck School, Dartmouth College

  • MA Economics University of California Santa Barbara


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Diego Acuña

Director, Client Services


Diego places trades, wires funds, re-balances client portfolios, calculates rates of return and assembles client meeting materials.

Having worked for Major League Soccer’s Sporting Kansas City, Diego is very much a fan of men’s professional soccer here and abroad.

Professional education:

  • BS Sport Management, Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts



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Kevin Pizzotti

Senior Director, Client Services

Kevin Pizzotti builds investment portfolios and reviews them on a regular basis to help clients create the highest likelihood of achieving their financial goals. He works directly with our institutional custodians, Fidelity and Charles Schwab, to manage daily account operations including money movement, rebalancing, and trading.

In his free time, Kevin enjoys travel, snowboarding and sharing a good meal with family and friends.

Professional education:

  • BS Finance, Carroll School of Management, Boston College


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Kathleen Cox

Director, Operations and Compliance

Kathleen Cox serves as Compliance Officer for LTG Capital. She schedules the regular progress meetings and calls, monitors regulatory requirements and the design and implementation of internal controls, policies, and procedures to assure compliance with applicable federal and state securities laws.

Kathleen enjoys spending time with her family and her dog, Percy. 


Professional education:

  • BA Journalism, University of Maine


Extended Network of Financial Professionals

We also rely on a network of financial professionals – including CPAs, estate, tax and business attorneys, property and casualty and life insurance agents – for impartial, objective advice.

If we don’t have the resources to answer your questions internally, we will search out and use the professional best suited to address the issue at hand. 

We will typically compensate these financial professionals directly for their advice as this creates a cost savings for our clients and yields the most clear and objective solution(s).

Ready to get your financial house in order?
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